Garden Harvest

Garden Harvest

Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers

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Strawberry Shortcake

I wanted to make strawberry shortcake on Memorial Day weekend, but did not get around to it, and got Key lime pie at Publix, I found a recipe shortcake in a mason jar with angelfood cake and whipped cream. I did not find or remember to get a cake. I then found a recipe for strawberry shortcake with toasted pecan buttermilk biscuits, so I tried this one out.
First I sliced the strawberries and let them sit with sugar for a while in the fridge.
Strawberries for shortcake
I then toasted the pecans, which is only noteworthy because I actually watched them and did not burn them.  What was neat about this recipe was that the dry ingredients for the biscuits were mixed in the food processor, giving me a chance to use my new Cuisinart again. (Love 30% off at Kohl’s.)

We think it turned out pretty well.

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Knitting again

Aaryn by pknit
Aaryn, a photo by pknit on Flickr.

Finally decided on a baby present for co-worker after contemplating shoes, blankie, flip flops and flowered hat or headband. Yarn is Watermelon Patch color in Universal Yarn’s Ultimate Cotton Batik.

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Tomatoes, Etc.

OK, it has been a while since I posted photos of my preparations to start tomato seeds in the Aerogarden. Two days later, I started tomatoes in a second Aerogarden. Once again, I forgot how the plants take off in the AG and they have long outgrown it. One now has teeny tiny basil sprouts in it.
Of course, the day after it was 77 and these tomatoes were out on the patio, where I swear they grew an inch or two, it got too cold for them to go outside for close to a week. DH says Belvedere is tired of having a garden in his sleeping place.

The cold weather did not seem to hurt the apple trees, they are still blooming and leafing out.
Apple blossom

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Pup Photos

Belvedere by pknit
Belvedere, a photo by pknit on Flickr.

I had to follow him around the yard to get a picture. Then when I got down to his level, he ran over and kissed me.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter! The Easter Saint Bernard was not very happy. The hand is there to keep the paw from knocking off the ears. Which happened shortly after the camera battery died. So this was my only chance.

Belvedere does not like for us to pay attention to Baron, our sweet Great Pyrenees mix. Baron was snoring in this photo.


When I was following Belv around, Petunia was following me. She says, “Lookit my stick, Mom.”

Daisy Doodle was ignoring the sticks on the ground

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Sleepy Puppy
For Monday: Belvedere’s widdle paw on widdle cheek pose, to which my husband says, “nothing widdle on that dog.”

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Knitting and Gardening

Tomato Seed Starting
Getting ready to put my own seeds in the Aerogarden-tomato seeds. Yes, the tea mug is an integral part of the process

Tomato Seed Starting
Seed pods ready to go. I put together baskets, add the growing medium and seeds, then iron on the labels

First Tomato Sprout
The first sprout appeared s few days later in the Aerogarden

Rainbow Sock
DH’s Rainbow socks, in Harris Tweed pattern, They have been languishing for a couple of years, and have been added to the list of projects to finish. I have now gotten through the heel turning and gusset.

Off-set Vest
Off-set Vest is being knit from the yarn from frogging (ripping out) Faery Ring, which had languished for 3 years or so. I am using the cable strip salvaged from the bottom of Faery Ring instead of the one from the pattern.

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