Well, I am still enjoying  ALA.  I kept  hearing  how bad the air quality is here in Chicago,and  how  high the  temp index will be today.  I am watching the Weather Channel,  and  I think I will turn it off and go outside. This photo is from the entrance to the ALA exhibits I went… Continue reading ALA


  sunflower    Originally uploaded by pknit. This sunflower came up beneath a bird feeder. I suspect the red-winged blackbirds planted it. There is a bee on it. I am posting from Birmingham tonight, because I have to be at the airport at 5:30 am for my flight to Chicago for ALA. I got here… Continue reading Sunflower


OK, I have photographed all the things I mentioned in today’s earlier post. This is Sitcom Chic, with some assembly required. I knew I would want to try it, so I stocked up on Bubblegum pink. I also had my sister get some more at Tuesday Morning. I think I will also make a tank… Continue reading Pictures!

Library stuff

Well, in honor of my joining the Librarians and Archivists who Knit Webring, I am repeating the post regarding my article from my old blog. I thought I needed it to get  the 10 percent library content. "Wireless Networks in Medium-sized Academic Libraries: A National Survey." Barnett-Ellis, Paula; Charnigo, Laurie. Information Technology & Libraries, March… Continue reading Library stuff