Spring Knitting

Yesh, there has been a paucity of knitting content here lately. The dogwoods have yet to bloom…Anyway,  here is Chickami, in Knitpicks Shine, from Bonne Marie Burns, to match my Eyelet Cardi from her. The top is stretched out on my Addi 60" (afghan) circ. This is the second attempt, a different size and the… Continue reading Spring Knitting

Yarn and Blossoms

This shot of the library next to the cherry tree reminds me of pagodas at the Tidal Basin in DC where I used to live. The closeup shot looks as if the blossoms have a little frost damage. Elann Luna, in Purple Heart and Liquid Teal. I plan to make shrugs with this.

Vegas Sky

Look at this! It rained in Las Vegas. In three trips to LV, we have never seen cloudy skies and rain, not to mention 40 and 50 degree weather.  I was cold at times. The temp was about half what it was when we came in July. The last photo is the sky just as… Continue reading Vegas Sky


Carrie tagged me with this. I don’t think I have ever been tagged before, y’all! Seven things to do before I die:1. Travel to Scotland/Ireland/Great Britain2. Travel to Washington State or Canada and attend a lavender festival3. Have another cat4. Have an office/craft room devoted to those things5. Learn to spin yarn6. Tour the Western… Continue reading Sevens