Weekend in Rome

Rome, Georgia, that is. Here is a Sunday sky shot for Sandy. This is a building at Berry College. This is me and my two sisters, looking around Berry, where lots of other people were out taking pictures of each other, including the one who took this picture. Yes, it was a tad windy. The… Continue reading Weekend in Rome

Looking up

These are some photos  from the 9th floor of the library that I could not get to load last night. I couldn’t get it all in with the camera.

Fishing Trip

Well, I succumbed to the (fishing, heehee!) lure of the Pomatomus socks, after seeing Margene’s lovely examples.  I think I have remembered how to spell it. I joined the P-socks knitalong. I have been trying to use up sock stash yarn, and selling sock yarn. The Opal Cool Ocean I am using is properly marine-like,… Continue reading Fishing Trip