New Yarn, New Toy

IroSince Deb and I had an e-mail discussion about always having a camera to hand, I went to Wal-Mart for something or other, and came back with a Philips Keychain Digital Camera. Really basic, no frills, no flash, etc. I think I will keep it in my knitting bag. This thing is pink and tiny. To the left is a full size photo at its highest resolution. Not too bad. This is Noro Iro #62, a bulky wool/silk blend that I got from eBay, for the Triangulation Vest I showed you the pattern for a few days ago.  I hope it’s enough.

I have also finished my What’s In My Pocket Vest for CIC, except for the pocket, and  hit Web’s site and ordered some Lopi to make another one or two, I also ordered some Cascade 220 and Pima Silk for me.

Also, I survived the garter stitch short row heel on the Sixth Sense Six Sox. It does not look too bad, either. After I finished, I thought, that wasn’t too bad. It won’t lie flat yet, so looks really weird in the toy camera shot. I think it is 1.3 megapixel, or like some cell phone cameras. Photo with my "real camera."


3 thoughts on “New Yarn, New Toy

  1. My old camera’s highest setting was 1.3 megapixels. My new camera’s LOWEST setting is 1.8 megapixels. I love me some megapixels! LOL But I completely understand the need for something small to keep with you.

  2. Lord, that is a tiny little camera! It’s very cute, and does a decent job, doesn’t it?
    (I’ll just keep telling myself, “You DON’T need another camera,” until this urge goes away….)

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