On Strap Island


I have seen Wendy write about being on Sleeve Island, but I am now on Strap Island. Top left is the part I have done so far. Should finish soon! Then I can start the Simply Lovely Lacy Socks, since I made a special trip to Barnes & Noble to get the Spring Interweave Knits, after joining the KAL for the socks. I saw them on Cara’s blog  and had to have the pattern.  I also made a special trip to Wallyworld yesterday, only to find they had FALL 2005 IK.

I went to NW GA Knitters meeting today at the mall in Rome, GA.  I might have gotten more knitting and shopping done had I not had a migraine. I felt generally lousy all day. It was one of the dull ones that settles in my neck and shoulders and sinus area and doesn’t respond to anything but Axert. I did not have any in my purse, aarrggghh. Finally got one around 6 pm and the headache is finally gone.


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