Fishing Trip


Well, I succumbed to the (fishing, heehee!) lure of the Pomatomus socks, after seeing Margene’s lovely examples.  I think I have remembered how to spell it. I joined the P-socks knitalong. I have been trying to use up sock stash yarn, and selling sock yarn. The Opal Cool Ocean I am using is properly marine-like, I think, with stripes in blue. This is an interesting pattern, but my co-workers are used to me ignoring them and concentrating on my stitches on breaks. Oh yes, I have enlarged the charts to fit on an entire page. This morning, I had to look in Fishes of the World to find the correct spelling. I got through the first repeat of the pattern on my Crystal Palace 2.75mm circ, then I shifted the first and last stitch on each needle to the other needle, and moved my markers for each 12-st repeat over one stitch. Clear as mud? I will load a better picture later, this is with the toy camera.

Also, today I got a box from Webs with Cascade 220, Lopi and  Pima Silk, oh my. All in bright blues, pinks and reds. The backordering certainly did not take long!

(Sorry, Deb, there will be photos later, as it is thundering and lightning and I am at work and don’t have the camera.The modem is unplugged at home, as I have lost 8 -10 or so modems, no joke.) Man, it is getting darker here. The first  "official" sock, Sixth Sense is still not finished, but is a couple inches from the toe.

Well, guess what I did tonight. I installed a new modem, y’all! DH thought the storm had passed and got back online. (He was giving his online class a test.)  He had to pick up the CPU and put it back on the desk, and hold the flashlight for me to plug in all those ^&*$% cables in the back of the computer.He finished his test and went to bed before I could get on the Web.


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