Knitting Today

Well, I am still at work, the sky is dark and threatening, it’s thundering and lightning. That is some vivid lightning! Oh, well, I just went and got lots of sky photos, but may camera is too slow for lightning. I have to blog from here, ’cause the new modem is definitely unplugged at home. DH finished that sentence for me when I started asking.

The only thing I knit on today was a pink square, with a heart design, in Magic Garden Buttons. I finished it today. Katie designed the pattern for Warming Grace. Pomatomus posed for several shots, none of which I can upload yet.

In other news, I just noticed that my Southern Knit Bloggers button is not on my sidebar. Of course, I don’t remember any usernames or passwords to get the code again. Shoot! I remember how excited I was to join, and how I checked every day to see if I had been approved. I couldn’t find myself on the list. Maybe I was kicked out? Oh well, I will have to hunt for the info on the home computer, when I can turn it on again.


One thought on “Knitting Today

  1. Are you sure that your Typepad settings aren’t set at a default-number-displayed, so that it’s sort of there, just scrolled off the page?

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