Dyeing to Knit Socks


I was looking at the Dye-O-Rama signup, and looking for books on dying on Amazon. I have to do something with all that Kool-Aid and Color Your Own that Jess gifted me with some time. Well, a little while later, a colleague was laughing about the titles of some books we have in our collection, such as the SNB series, and Dyeing to Knit. “What did say?” I asked. Then I ran upstairs to the floor above and grabbed Dyeing to knit : how to use and create your own beautiful hand-dyed yarns / and checked it out. I can keep it for a year, due to faculty privileges, which is good due to my fear of Kool-Aid dying. (A library note–I have Voyager’s circulation client on my office computer. Sometimes I forgot to desensitize my books, though, and can’t get out the gate, but I digress.) Anyway, I will be reading about dyeing before attempting it.


5 thoughts on “Dyeing to Knit Socks

  1. I’m planning to Kool-Aid dye some yarn this week! I have everything ready and printed out some instructions. It can’t be that scary…I mean, it’s a kid’s drink, seriously. But I have been hesitant, too.

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