Weekend in Rome

Rome, Georgia, that is. Here is a Sunday sky shot for Sandy. This is a building at Berry College.

This is me and my two sisters, looking around Berry, where lots of other people were out taking pictures of each other, including the one who took this picture. Yes, it was a tad windy.

The irises are blooming around Rome. This one is at Berry.

And in knitting, I finished two pink squares for Warming Grace. Here is one. I also reached the toe of the Sixth
Sense Sock.


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Rome

  1. Oh my god…Erik goes to camp there every year! Isn’t it gorgeous there. did you go through Camp Winshape? We’ll be leaving for camp mid June. I always stop in Macon enroute from Florida. This year I want to try Athens.

  2. I recognize that square! =) I worked with a girl who went to Berry College for a few years before she transferred to Clemson. She was there in 1977 or so. What brought y’all there?

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