One Sixth Sense Sock

I finished the first sock of the Sixth Sense socks, and got my hank of Socks That Rock in Hot Flash and the battery is dead AGAIN on the toy camera. So photos were after work. Man, is that STR ever PINK! The other yarn is from another destashing knitter. Ooopa, there goes my gold star.

BTW, After spending 15 minutes trying to get a photo of lightning for Sandy the other day, and seeing the flash disappear long before the shutter worked, I went to Amazon and ordered a Nikon D50, and a 1 GB SD card.I figured I could figure it out, after all, I  never read the manual for my auto focus/auto exposure 35mm SLR, and it looks about as complicated. Just put it on full auto. My old photojournalism professor admitted he did the same thing. Anyway, Amazon says it should ship tomorrow. Also, I am leaving tomorrow for the Alabama Library Association annual conference and the state Master Gardener conference. Thank goodness they are at the same place.

I also did some shopping at Home Depot, and after a long search for Rubbermaid containers,  (They keep moving them, apparently) I came home with two Roughneck containers with cedar in the plastic. I thought this was a great idea for stash storage!





6 thoughts on “One Sixth Sense Sock

  1. Great job on the Sixth Sense! I have one 80% done and already started the other, because I’m not sure who they’re for yet so I’m not sure how long to make ’em. Oops! 🙂
    That Opal skein up there sure is a pretty color.

  2. I hunted and hunted for that particular Regia. There’s a whole blog post coming about the socks I knit from them. When I’ve got time you know… all that extra time I keep misplacing.

  3. What fun a new toy, and beautiful sock yarn. Happiness abounds!
    I’ve seen those rubbermaid totes, I couldn’t get past the slightly odd smell though. They had them on clearance at one Home Depot for $5!

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