Returned from Conference(s)

This is a view of the tower at the Marriott Shoals Resort and Spa. There is a restaurant at the top, but I preferred to spend money on a manicure and massage, instead. Look at that sky. The weather was beautiful the day after I arrived for the Alabama Library Association conference AND the AL Master Gardener State Conference. Wednesday was yucky–almost COLD, gray and windy. The photo below is the view from my room, looking toward the Tennessee River.

Also, I had to support the LYS in Florence, Sheepy Yarn Shop. I petted everything, I think, and bought yellow Baby Cashmerino, varigated Rio de La Plata, and Online Supersocke Caribic Color 735. Those are my first pair of Brittany Birch needles–25% off! Also got a Lantern Moon sheep tapemeasure. I resisted the impulse, however, to come back through Lacey Springs and visit the Knitting Zone.


3 thoughts on “Returned from Conference(s)

  1. I have the Latern Moon sheep too and everybody thinks that she’s the cutest little thing….which she is!! Anyway, I love mine and know that you will too 🙂

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