What’s New Pussycat?

I have a new camera, so I have a lot of new pictures, thanks to a charged battery, and no rain. First, this is my tea stash, including DH’s Red Diamond he uses for sun tea. I really thought there would be more. There is loose tea, tea bags, powdered chai, tea from SIL’s business trips to India and China …

This is a child’s vest for CIC, with the last of the possum/wool yarn and the top made of Lopi.

Some garden-type shots


These are the baby tomatoes, at the tidy stage before they double over the cages. The Brandyboys are in the back, the first tomato plants I ordered from Burpee.  Half Brandywine, half Better Boy. The yellow pear in the front came from a Master Gardener 1/2 price sale and had fruit when I got it last Saturday.


3 thoughts on “What’s New Pussycat?

  1. Paula, your garden looks amazing! We’re going to put out tomatoes today (a bit late, but better than never). And your tea looks great–I love that Tazo Chai concentrate. They make a decaf version, which is what I usually buy.

  2. Sorry.. but your tea stash ain’t got nothin’ on mine. I have a full three-shelf, two-door cabinet, plus the entire top shelf of my liquor cabinet, jammed with tea. Oh, and then a bunch on top of the microwave that I’ve used recently that won’t fit in the jammed cabinets…
    Not that I don’t respect a woman with a tea stash. Its very existence gives you major points in my book! 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m so JEALOUS of your tomatoes! I grew some two summers ago, then last year I got married, and this year the construction next door is producing a lot of dust. I haven’t had good tomatoes since then. I’ll have to flash my tea stash sometime soon, but a lot of it was lost when I checked the suitcase it was in without taping the lids down. I don’t think a mint-lapsang souchong-chamomile-gunpowder-golden monkey-white-kukicha-lady grey-assam mix would taste very good. But maybe I should try it before I throw it out… 🙂

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