So, I finished the heel on my second Sixth Sense sock for the Six Sox KAL. It has a couple holes in the heel that I choose to ignore. Then I decided that I would return to my Fiery Bolero. All was going well, until I ran out of yarn, and picked up a new ball of Shine. I pulled out the center of the ball, then kept pulling out one tangle after the other. This is the progress I have after three hours of untangling, until 1am. I woke up with a ball band in the bed with me. I have a sore neck from lying in the bed untangling knots. The bright spot of the evening is that I learned to do the cable cast on. The bottom part of the bolero has backward loop cast-on, as I could not figure out the cable cast-on earlier. Duh!
After flashing my tea stash, I am contemplating a contest to destash some of it. More details later.

3 thoughts on “AARRGGHH

  1. Nah, must keep tea. My tea stash is twice as big. Although it’s in two locations, one at the office and one at home! I did throw out a bunch of old stuff though.

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