Tea Stash II

Here is my office tea stash. I would have put it on the Tea Swap blog, but Blogger is having none of it right now. I  included the African violets on the right, as the teapot pots are so cute! Some of my favorite loose black tea is here, includding Adagio’s buttery Candy Cane, and Assam Harmony, as well as Tazo loose chai and Awake bags. (I just ordered a case of them.)  The Mrs. Tea and the tea-for-one rarely get used. It doesn’t show up well, but the IngenuiTea brewer from Adagion is in the back, which I got  because it was fascinating in their video. Yes, I am easily amused. I like to dunk gingersnaps,  (in front of the radio, which is permanently tuned to the campus sometimes-NPR station)  in my chai.

3 thoughts on “Tea Stash II

  1. Okay. Your work tea stash can beat up my work tea stash! 😉
    Mm, I want some gingersnaps now.
    I have some similar teas to yours.. a bunch of Adagio sample tins and some Tazo (in Zen).
    (Quickly finishing my coffee so I can start some tea…)

  2. I must apologize. I am your “spoilee” for the tea swap and was looking for an email to send you but I just decided to go ahead and post here instead. I’ve been reading about your tea stash and I know what I am sending (got it already) but I am trying to find something that you would like from my knitting stash. I’m at a bit of a quandry.
    BTW, Gracias por las notas in espanol. I am latina and loved the spanish comments, etc.

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