Muy Caliente!

I finished the foot of the second Sixth Sense Sockj, and I am ready to start the toe! Yay! Photos later.

I have a subscription to XM Radio.They raised the price last year, and “graciously” gave users online access too.  I can only listen in the car, as we have bandwidth problems (read college students, Facebook,. MySpace and music downloads) at work, and I have dialup at home. I have 10 or so XM preset buttons, several jazz stations. I live in a rural area, and the only way I can listen to jazz on the radio is XM. Sometimes, especially at 11pm, I like to listen to Luna, the Latin jazz station. Recently, they dropped it. They dropped one of my favorite stations! Oh well. That put in me the mood to listen to my Afro-Cuban music. I am still trying to figure out why DH has a Tito Puente CD in his stuff. Anyway, I ended up listening the the soundtrack for Mambo Kings. All I remember is that it was depressing, and someone died, but I do recall the music. Was that Antonio Banderas? Tito! Celia Cruz! Arturo Sandoval! I am awake this morning, after listening to mambo all the way to work. To rephrase Vera: es muy caliente, no?

OK, I have been reading all these blog entries about Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I might be a tiny bit jealous. Anybody want to go to SAFF, or the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair?


2 thoughts on “Muy Caliente!

  1. I went to SAFF last year! It was fun, although nothing like MS&W. But I did see a couple of bloggers and there was some good yarn there. It’s in October–maybe this year we can have a little meetup!

  2. Hi! I’m a new knitter and someday soon I’ll actually have something up on my blog page too. I’ve been reading about SAFF and wondering what it’s like. I know MS&W is like Mecca to knitters, but how does SAFF compare? I’m leaning more towards going than not, but it’d be nice to talk to folks who have been there to learn if it’s geared more to spinners and if there’s enough to do and see to justify a two or three day trip. Any idea?

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