Diamond Fantasy Shawl?

OK, you people (knit bloggers) are really bad enablers. I had no intention of knitting a Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I never even heard of Sivia Harding. Now I have…even in my KnitPicks catalog I perused in the bath. Now I am having fantasies about that Twinkletoes yarn that Jess gifted me with. It was this post by Cara that did it. I WILL finish a few UFOs first You hear me? It’s fingering, not laceweight yarn–I can handle that.

Or maybe it was just my fevered brain after fighting with reviewing and fixing comments and reviewer’s marks from both a journal editor and my co-author, as we got a manuscript, in Microsoft Word, that was accepted for publication in Internet Reference Services Quarterly ready to go. I fixed the changes once, then did not save them. ARRGGHHH. OK, raise your hand out there if you also have a love/hate relationship with Word. I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done last night, or any today. But the manuscript is in the mail, and I have about four copies.


2 thoughts on “Diamond Fantasy Shawl?

  1. While Cara’s is certainly gorgeous (and Margene’s and Stephanie’s and Nancy’s) I still have no intention whatsoever to even attempt that. Isn’t there patterning on every row? No purl back row to let your mind rest? Um.. no thanks. I’ll be sure to oooh and aaahhh over yours though! 🙂

  2. OK, so is 1 skein of twinkletoes enough? If so, I am so IN on this as I have a skein of twinkletoes that needs to be knit and I have enough sock stash right now. . . . .
    do tell please.

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