To Buy, or Not to Buy, Yarn

Well, I was gonna order some Fleece Artist sock yarn, then I got distracted by more hand-dyed merino on eBay… Anyway, I have decided that I will not order any more yarn for a while. I will not buy yarn until I go to New Orleans for ALA. (How can I find out if other knitting librarians are going?) Anyway, I only know how to find the Quarter Stitch, since the Persian Cat closed–it was fun to take the streetcar out to there.

WEBS says they shipped my order today, after telling me yesterday the Cascade 220 I wanted was on backorder. Must be popular stuff in pink and purple ranges. I also got red Debbie Bliss Cathay.

I am on the toes of my second pair of CIC socks, 2 on 2 circs. I get so used to Magic Loop, 2 circs are harder to deal with.


2 thoughts on “To Buy, or Not to Buy, Yarn

  1. I’m always “this close” to buying some FA. I’ve never had any but after fondling the Harlot’s sock and ball of yarn, I’m dying to order some. Where were you going to get yours from?

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