Red Hot Sizzling Sock

Red_sock3Well, it has been a long time. I have dropped out of a couple of KALs so far this year, but I might make the Red Hot Sizzling Socks deadline. Here is my first Geranium Sock Garden Classy Slip-ups. It has some of the same colors of the amaryllis, so I couldn’t resist.

I need to finish these before the Trekking KAL begins. Hear me, Margene? I also have the Pomatomus sock to do. I may have to pass on the Six Sox for the first time.

I fussed at my friend in Houston for being at Book Expo American in DC where Stephanie the Yarn Harlot was signing books. After my friend Googled Steph, and after looking at YH’s schedule. (she doesn’t knit yet, but has expressed an interest in socks) she replied that S. will probably not be in any shape to go to ALA in N’awlins. I am having a lot of trouble with pronouns here. Hope you figure it out.

Anyway, although the Fiery Bolero  in Knitpicks Shine doesn’t look like much yet, here it is. This is the back. I am almost to the front, where I get to work on each side separately. Yes, this is leftover yarn from Eyelet Cardi and Chickami.



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