Tea Stash Loot


I do have something to blog about. I got a wonderful assortment of goodies from Jannett,
my Tea Swap Pal. There is Mauritius tea from Teasource, which I read
has a vanilla flavor.  It’s new to me. There are delicious Swedish
vanilla gingersnaps. cute knit-theme notecards and pink heart Post-its.
She sent hand-made stitch markers, and blue sock yarn, a pretty tea bag
holder, apricot and raspberry jams (my favorites) and a chai recipe and
some chai spices mix. Oh yes, and lovely floral- scented hand cream.

In knitting news, I am close to being done with the left side of my Fiery Bolero. It was mainly an effort to use up my KnitPicks Shine, but I am getting worried. I have one entire ball left and tiny bit of another. Anyone have 1 ball of Shine in Turquoise. You know I would have to order $40.00 worth of stuff to get free shipping…. dangerous.

One thought on “Tea Stash Loot

  1. Maybe we should rename it the Cool Ocean Bolero or something to let us know it’s not bright red. Every time you mention it I have to stop and rewire my mental image. 🙂

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