(Non) Fiery Bolero

I can’t help what IK named the pattern, Beth! Look to the right, see that wee bit of yarn? That is what is left. I started the project partly to use up my leftover Knitpicks Shine. It was pretty easy, once I figured out what was going on with the one-piece knitting. So the bolero has no ribbing until I get a package. I managed to get through all the front edging picked up stitches. (Ugh!)  I ordered two balls of yarn just to be sure. I completed the right front during a meeting of the NW GA Knitters yesterday. We knit and talked for hours, then had lunch at Panera Bread, where I finally got a Wi-Fi connection. Then he knit and talked for a while. I worked on the foot of my Geranium sock, which I finished around 10 last night.


3 thoughts on “(Non) Fiery Bolero

  1. Oh, that’s just too darn close for the yarn! Don’t you hate that? At least you got the one piece finished first . . . that’s not quite so horrible as running out “in the middle” . . . or something.

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