That was me when I remembered I would have to drive over Lake Ponchartrain to get to Nawlins. Pat O"Brien’s! Cafe du Monde!  Harrah’s!ALA! I think the poster is ready for my presentation at ALA, (American Library Association) just have to get it printed. I have a love/hate relationship with PowerPoint, but the poster looks OK on letter paper. Hope it looks good 4×6 feet.

Also, the hollering is for DH and I listening to (Don’t Mess with my)  Toot Toot. I got Iko Iko in my head last night. I was cleaning files off my office computer and ended up burning what may be the world’s  only CD with Bossa Nova and Zydeco music on it. Stan Getz, Rockin’ Sidney, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Hank.(Jambalaya, of course)  Dr. John is singing in a a different language.("Set your tail on fi-err"?) I have been buying myself birthday presents all week. Starting with Zydeco and Michael Buble CDs at Barnes & Noble. Speaking of music, for some reason, when we hit the Mississippi line, I want to hear Hank Williams. Then DH and I argue over Senior or Junior. When we get close to Lousiana, I want to hear Zydeco. Aaaiiieee!!

Today I ordered Sivia Harding’s Waterlily Socks, and the yarn the socks are shown  in, Lisa Souza’s Sock! in peacock. I am a couple inches from the toe on my second Red Hot Sizzling Sock.


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