Well, since you asked

It’s Susan in OK’s fault. She asked how my tomatoes were doing. I am making up for not having many photos lately. Also, these pics are much more interesting than the toe of my red sock, in my opinion. To the left is a Brandyboy, "a Burpee Exclusive." This potato leafed beauty, a Better Boy/Brandywine cross, looked sooo pitiful as a seedling when it came out of that hot UPS truck.  I missed the weed when I was out the other night.  DH and I like the shot of the grape tomato below, which shows how it got its name. It came from Wal-mart. It looks as if it will have billions and billions of tomatoes.

The third photo is the corn, towering over the tomatoes. We are in a race with my FIL’s buddy to have the first corn in the area.
The last garden shot is the jungle created by 32 tomato plants. Let’s see. Yellow cherry, Mr. Stripey, German Queen, Grape, Roma,  Homestead, Betterboy, Brandyboy, Sungold., Cherokee Purple, and Black Pearl. Whew. Need any tomatoes?

The tomato plants are in holes that have lime, Miracle Gro potting soil and dried year-old horse manure. DH worked very hard to haul all that stuff in and plant the tomatoes. I bought most of the plants, and started a couple plants from seed. They are mulched with newspaper, feed sacks and cypress wood chips/litter from the bird houses where the quail live.



OK, for a little knitting content, I did two rows of my sock toe while sitting in the car wash today, listening to NPR. In addition, I got some yarn from the Destash blog. It is blues in Special Blauband. I love the cute lil reinforcing thread spools. I also went through my Bermuda bag phase. I ended up with 2 copies of this vintage 1981 cover  pattern and two bags.


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