Random Ranting

Yesterday, I got my poster for the ALA poster session printed, so I can stop worrying about that. Now if I could stop getting e-mail about the National Guard deployment in New Orleans…

I came in early on my late day, found out when to go to the Biology department to get a professor to print my poster on the large format printer, which scares me and apparently everyone else in Biology. Before that, I got an estimate of several hundreds of dollars to fix the dings and dents (most of which are not visible to non-auto body shop employees) and HUGE paint marks on my Honda’s passenger door. Oh well, I forecast a low trade-in value again, in five years, about the time I have 90,000 miles on it, LOL.

Speaking of forecast, I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser, and ForecastFox (Accuweather) has been showing a thermometer bursting into flames on the taskbar all day. Kind of disconcerting, hmm?

Anyway, back to my Monday. After lunch, and poster printing. (Hmmm, how many bribes prizes do I have to bring back from NOLA?) I went to get some food for dinner. I also bought a skirt–Wal-Mart is a dangerous place. I drove up to the line of faculty/staff parking places in front of the library, around 3:30 p.m.. Surely that purple Honda Civic does not belong to a  faculty/staff member? Of course, when I parked farther away, the Civic left. So I got back in the car to get the ONE open spot. (Although I am not averse to walking further into the parking lot, I just don’t like doing it at 11 p.m.) Before I get there, I have to stop when a student pulls in front of me, pulls into the ONE spot, and, leaving the engine running on her car (!) strolls to the book drop, talking on her cell phone all the time, and puts one book in the book drop. AAARRRGGHHH! Meanwhile, I return to my original parking place. 1, there is a drive-up book drop in the parking lot. 2, After you walk all the way to the book drop in the side of the
building, why can’t you continue the few yards to the circulation desk?.

I think this post was influenced by the Bohemian Knitter, whose blog had me laughing last night.

BTW, I now have 4.5 inches on my Trekking 100 socks, and have almost finished the Plum Shrug. Its edges are curling so badly that I am trying out ribbing instead of the single crochet. Is it the predominately rayon yarn, do you think? I got the Sivia Harding Waterlily sock pattern and some lovely Lisa Souza Sock! yarn. (Deb, all of my cameras are at home, with the yarn.) Edited later to add photo below.



2 thoughts on “Random Ranting

  1. Isn’t that always the way with cameras? Never around when you need them!
    And, oh, don’t get me started on selfish, thoughtless drivers!

  2. How hot is it supposed to be down there? I’ve never had that little icon on my browser. (And hope I never do!)
    I started yet another Trekking sock this evening. Wonder how many I’ll have done by the end of the summer?

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