Summer of Socks Starting Day

Yee haw! It’s the 21st. I can start my Summer of Socks sock now. Yes, I am easily amused. (Well, that’s a whole lot more interesting than it’s the day American Honda Finance Corporation drafts my payment, right?) I plan to make the Lacy Scallops from Sockbug, without the picot edging. Since the yarn is cotton blend, I thought I needed to have a ribbing at the top. I plan to use Meilenweit cotton multiringel that I had in stash. Photos later. It can stay in its Ziploc bag, as my sewing spell has passed for a while. In addition to making another bag the other day, I also made a skirt from my fishie print fabric.

I am doing my best to help further the cause of knitting by sending another librarian the URLs of two LYSs in New Orleans. Tee hee! I cast on for the Meilenweit sock and have 1/2 of ribbing. I have started y’all, I guar-on-tee! The stripes may not match, due to this skein being my SECOND Meilenweit cotton to be an enormous tangle that took literally hours to straighten out.

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