Friday in New Orleans


My first day in New Orleans, and I have committed heresy twice. Once was going to Pat O’Brien’s and NOT having a Hurricane. The second time was going to Cafe du Monde and having a Coke with my beignets. Not to worry, DH had a couple of Hurricanes and a cafe au lait. I had three cups of water at Pat O’s and two at Cafe du Monde.

There were a lot of librarians milling around, but I didn’t see any more socks. The Trekking sock went to Pat O’s, and Cafe du Monde. It also came out to see the crossing of Lake Ponchartrain on I-10, coming in from Slidell, LA.  DH had to take the photo, as I was busy driving and busy exclaiming over the sections of really temporary looking guardrail.

There is an enormous difference between the French Quarter and the parts of NO we saw driving in on I-10. There are a lot of deserted residential areas with houses and apartment buildings damaged and vacant.  Also saw lots of blue tarps.

This post was originally created using my Palm and a Palm keyboard on Friday, then finally uploaded on Sunday from the 3rd floor of the Ernest Morial Conference Center, using the ALA wifi network. I never could get the hotel or Free Public WiFi connection to work.  The Palm even found a wireless projector signal in the session room.

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3 thoughts on “Friday in New Orleans

  1. I LOVE your new Summer of Sock sock–those colors combine so beautifully in that colorway. Hope you and the sock learn a lot at ALA in Nawlins–can’t wait to read all about it. 🙂

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