Mississippi River and Sock and Partying

I forgot this one last night. This is the sock taking in the view of the Mississippi from the 19th floor of the Hilton. The fill flash did a pretty good job here.

We felt welcome in New Orleans. We were greeted with Hilton Mardi Gras beads first thing. Everywhere DH and I went, we were welcomed and thanked, and people said they were glad we were there. I think between us, we helped pay a the salary of a Harrah’s casino staff member for the week. LOL.  The sock is having trouble readjusting to reality, however. It was looking for Hurricanes at a library reception.  I forgot to mention Friday night, a steamboat was giving a calliope concert on the river when we walked down to the French Quarter.
Speaking of receptions, DH and I, sans sock, went to a reception on Bourbon Street hosted by Endeavor on Sunday night. Bourbon street was packed and loud. It looked the same, and smelled the same. We wandered around, I ate at Krystal, where wifi is not free. We had a drinkie at Pat O’s and wandered around looking at obscene t-shirts, most about FEMA or Katrina. We went to "Club Endeavor" at 8 p.m. 

This is the first time I have actually been on a balcony on Bourbon Street , and I threw tons of Mardi Gras beads at passersby. For two hours or more. Hey, I was drinking bottled water and Coke, while DH tried to make up for my library’s  Endeavor  bill in Absolut and cranberry juice. I ate red beans and rice, and praline bread pudding. DH drank Absolut and handed beads to everyone on the balcony. Guys were taking their shirts off for beads, to DH’s disgust. Librarians were screaming, "Show us your library card!"  Endeavor staff were yelling, "Put it back on!"They had a Cajun band inside, and librarians were dancing. Aaiieee!!  The Voodoo King, who kinda bore a resemblance to a grass- thatched hut, shook his skull-topped scepter and yelled.  Someone said, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens in New Orleans is on "Girls Gone Wild." No, "Cops", I kept insisting. The NOPD was in evidence on our corner. Someone hit a cop with beads. DH and I were the last ones to leave, along with a librarian who headed off for Pat O’s. Sockie missed all the fun!

I did miss meeting up with knitters at ALA, and  I did not stay awake for the Blogger Bash again. I did not make it to any LYS. We got to the Quarter Stitch five minutes after it closed our last day in NO.


5 thoughts on “Mississippi River and Sock and Partying

  1. Your sock is beautiful!!!! What kind of yarn is that??? I LOVE it! Sounds like the trip was a VERY interesting one, in more ways than one. *L* The “show us your library card” made me giggle!

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