Trek 1 finished

First, for Saturday sky watching, the sky at the mall in Rome, GA,  mid-afternoon from my car door. I got home around 6 pm, after my trek to meet with real, live knitters at the Barnes and Noble. I worked on both socks, and finished the first sock. We then trekked to Panera Bread, where the sock eyed my Turkey Artichoke Panini.


8 thoughts on “Trek 1 finished

  1. Great socks! Thanks for the comment on my site! As we live close to each other would love to email with you! Please send me your em address….also, I see you are a fan of Emily of Yarn Miracle fame… her and add your name and websitelink to her “Nearby Knit Bloggers” list….(check out her side bar toward the bottom). I have met several really GREAT friends through Emily’s site!!! I have your site bookmarked and I’m looking forward to going through from start to finish! Crazy For Yarn In Alabama (Darlene) 🙂

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