Socks, a Contest, and More


First, visit Aija’s blog for her Sock Lovers Contest. which I will not attempt to describe, as she is so eloquent. (She also designed the RPM socks in the Summer Knitty.) For sock-knitting content, I have worked on P-sock, (someone who
knows what the heck I am supposed to be doing with the left edge chart on the foot, please let me know. Bob Dylan was distracting on PBS.) Trekking and the Lacy Scallops. Trekking has slowed down. I guess the ubiquitious bee on sunflower shot is the more. It is my Friday flower shot. Are you distracted from the fact there are no sock pictures? That would be boring, as they look about the same as last time.


3 thoughts on “Socks, a Contest, and More

  1. Okay, for the second chart, you will have 3 repeats of the pattern for the gusset and foot.
    Two of the repeats will be just like the first chart, but the first repeat splits off and travels. Some of the first repat will be at the beginning of the row and some at the end.
    The first few rows are the same. Then, you start the first repeat with the second stitch, do the two repeats and then the last stitch of the first reapeat. The next row skips the second two stitches of the first repeat. Those stitches are at the end of the row and so on.
    I think at row 17, there is an additional stitch, so you’ll have 34 instead of 33. You will get rid of this extra stitch when you k3 tbl on row 1 of the pattern repeat.
    Hope that makes sense. It’s a pretty cool pattern.

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