One Fish, Blue Fish

Look! I have finished my first Pomatomus sock. (Click to enlarge) Now I have to make another one…!!! Ah well, I survived the first one. I did OK working on one circ, until I hit chart B for the foot. I had a mental block, so I think I did the first repeat wrong. I keep telling myself, there are no sock police, though I am sure Certain Members of the NW GA Knitters would look for mistakes if  necessary. I posted a plea for help on my blog, and faithful commenter  Vera told me how to follow the chart. It didn’t sink in until Cookie A., the designer,  responded to my confession of confusion. The second sock has been started and should be less traumatic.


8 thoughts on “One Fish, Blue Fish

  1. I just love how that sock looks, if I wasn’t annoyed with sock knitting right now I’d be giving it a try.
    And the whole Dr. Suess, it really goes with it well.

  2. How absolutely gorgeous this Pomatomus is! The yarn you’re using for it makes the pattern really spring out, it’s just perfect! Have fun knitting the second one!

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