Drive Time

OK, I am in my mid-forties and drive a Honda Accord. The radio is usually on NPR for my morning and afternoon commute. Yes, I am boring-XM is likely to be on 73, Frank’s Place (as in Sinatra…) This morning I think the horses were feeling their oats. If you could see my drive to work, you would know why Birmingham and Atlanta drive me crazy. There was no one ahead of me, and no one behind me for miles. I was cruising along, and the faster Ella Fitzgerald’s tempo got, the faster I went. Until the van pulled out in front of me, and went up a hill at 40. It sped up, and I didn’t get behind it again until it got in front of me in time for a left turn. I am not tall, and where I turn, the weeds get so tall, they block my view, and Accord coupes are low. Combined with this, I can’t judge distance. That is why I left rubber there. (That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.)  The car behind me seemed to drop back.

When we reached the four-lane, I passed evreryone, and set the cruise control to put a rein on those horses. However, the car from behind me passed me. My Accord said, "Hey, not only is that Accord at least 10 years old. it’s got 4 cylinders. We can catch it!" By this time, I got tired of Michael Buble/Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra, and XM 70s was blasting Aerosmith/Run D.M.C. (I am inventing the XMRadio Defense) To the guitars of "Walk this Way, " I turned the cruise control off. That Accord might have been old. but it was going over 80. I slowed down for the sign that says speeding fines are doubled when workers are present. It’s DH’s fault, the Accord has heard him say many times how we have more horsepower than anything around, and I drive a V-6 Accord the way I drove my Toyota Tercel, and I could have turned left 17 times before that car got here.. Darlene, I found that  picture.

On other topics, I see blogs with music lists on them. Here is DH’s review of my birthday CD, Michael Bublé, Michael Bublé  "Frank Sinatra? Uh uh, maybe a young Harry Connick, Jr. Oh, that’s Frank’s song, and that one’s definitely Dino’s, not Bublé’s."

I inspected DN’s Pirates Happy Meal container to see if it had Johnny Depp’s picture on it. Nope. No need to get one.

Oh yeah, knitting. I have finished one repeat on the SECOND P-sock, and shifted the stitches around. I even did a couple inches on the Trekking sock. I have been comtemplating my next socks. I am thinking clog socks with my LynnH "Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues" yarn. I also started on the second sleeve of my Purple Plum Shrug. Not sure I like Elann’s Luna. It is really splitty.


5 thoughts on “Drive Time

  1. Glad to hear that the 40’s for you are not the “slow down” age! LOL!! I can’t help it….I have a lead foot which I try to keep under control myself!! I’m discovering the Accord is the standard mode of transportation for us 40-somethings! I guess it’ll be the Buick’s next! LOL!! And don’t you just love the XM radio??? oh and thanks for the heads up on the Happy Meal!! Hee! Hee!

  2. Vroom! I’m a big xm fan too, and I freely admit (thru the anonymity of the internet of course!) that most of the time I can be found jamming to “bluegrass junction”… 🙂

  3. Ahh yes, but in the Happy Meal you can get a skull that forsees the future, sorry I just asked it if PJBKnit will be come famous, it says Nay Scallywag.

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