More Sock Knitting

Good thing I didn’t post yesterday because I thought I couldn’t top the Pomatomus post.

My package from Knitpicks came in today. At lunch, I took out a row of P-sock because I can’t figure out what row I am on. Hmmm, think Margene jinxed me on the second sock? She blogged that she had trouble with her second one. Then, I cast P-sock aside for later, and pulled out my KP circ to work on the Trekking sock. I would prefer the cable to be a bit longer, but why didn’t y’all tell me the cables were purple. Neat! The joins are not as good as the Addi I pulled out of my Trekking sock, but the cables are so flexible. Trekking sock is ready for the heel flap. It looks pretty much like its partner in the Nawlins pictures.

Not having to do with anything, but I think I want to get a season of 21 Jump Street on DVD. Must be the XM 70s and 80s music affecting my brain.

Oh yeah, I am going to start calling Dr. Dieter Dornig (the name on Opal labels) Dr. D. Have you seen the Daimler-Chrysler ads with Dr. Z?


3 thoughts on “More Sock Knitting

  1. I’m using the KP cirs on my second Opal sock, and I like them-especially the sharper points. I used Addis on the first one.
    Hang in there with the P-Sock.

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