A Pair of Socks

I didn’t say they were from the same pair! Gosh, I am soon going to have to decide what my next sock will be, or I am going to have to finish the auxiliary Opal Southwest socks.  The Trekking sock’s bag is at the right, I case you wondered what that was. The greenery is rampant (just the growth habit, not the variety name) spearmint. I love the afternoon light. In my photography classes, I learned that morning and evening light is called the sweet light. Now, the botany and photography lesson is a lagniappe.

5 thoughts on “A Pair of Socks

  1. Hello Paula! Thanks a ton for the 2nd sock pal package! Wow, am I spoiled. Love, love, love the sock blocker keychain. I’ll have to put my baby knitting aside and make it up real quick. Thanks again for a ton of lovely things… I’ll blog about it tomorrow.
    your thankful ksks pal

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