Finished Opal Auxiliary Sock

Opal1Well, I have referred to the Auxiliary Opal sock in a few postings. I tried it on yesterday, and discovered it was really close to the toe. So I decided to finish the sock. Ta da! This is something I got in a trade, and I think it is Southwest? Anyway, it is neat, and I think I have started the second sock close enough for matching stripes, rather serendipitously. Now I have three second socks going. This is another great place for photography, under a translucent patio roof which diffuses the light nicely.

When I took the last sock photo, I had to borrow DH’s cotton handkerchief to dry the condensation off the lens when I went outside.


5 thoughts on “Finished Opal Auxiliary Sock

  1. Holy Crap woman, you make a lot of socks!
    I am *this* close to mailing out your package. Can you stand the excitment?

  2. Hey from a fellow ‘bama knitter! I have three socks in progress too, but they’re first socks. I have two first socks finished. I think I have a little (big) problem.

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