I actually won something!

Oh yeah, something I can always use more of! Sock yarn, handyed by her, from DorothyB! The colorway is Canadian A?! at the bottom left, I believe. It is purty, eh? This is great, because –oh it is POURING rain–that’s a momentous event here-the flaming thermometer is off the taskbar. Oh yesh, because otherwise I would have nothing to blog about. I turned the heel of Pomatomus today. Trekking socks are not hitting the trail at 102 degrees. I still haven’t swatched for CeCe or cast on for the wool vest. I finished the shrug, might have to take a photo before blocking to have something for my myriad readers. DorothyB is also offering more yarn for a drawing to help Dale raise money for a bone marrow transplant. Please go see here.


3 thoughts on “I actually won something!

  1. That looks like fun, fun yarn!
    I don’t blame you for not Trekking at 102. It’s only 91 here and I’m staying put inside. Here’s hoping this is the only heat wave of the summer.

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