Two Fish Finished

I finished the Pomatomus socks today around 5 p.m. The computer  and/or Typepad absolutely refused to load the picture, then it started thundering and lightening, and I had to turn the computer  off and unplug the modem. Anyway, this is Opal Cool Ocean 223 or 224. (I put the leftovers away and I wasn’t going out in a thunderstorm to check the color.)  I had to order a Crystal Palace bamboo circ in 35", size 2.75mm for these. I also bought CP 2.75mm dpns in case I couldn’t figure out Magic Loop. I used 1 dpn to pick up gusset stitches. I feel a great sense of relief accomplishment. Click to see a larger version.


8 thoughts on “Two Fish Finished

  1. I love your pomatomus! I’m just finishing up my second one too! Next time, I’m only doing 2 repeats on the first section, to make a shorter sock.

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