KSKS loot!


After I took my afternoon sky photo, the sky got darker and darker, and it was pouring and thundering and lightning for a while. My day improved greatly, however, when I got home from work and found a box from my Knit Sock Kit Swap pal. The lavendar soap has been claimed by DH, and the dog biscuits (she sent the recipe, too) at bottom left disappeared. I still have the  lavender sachet and bath tea, though. I kept unwrapping little packets, and was so excited that I didn’t notice I had not found the yarn. Everything was so wonderful and smelled so good. The cutest little tropical fishie bag is at top left. Too bad I finished Pomatomus. Underneath it is a multicolored cotton Log Cabin square. Ooohhh I feel trendy.  The coordinating turquoise needle case contained my favorite sock needle, a 40 inch addi Turbo, a ruler and stitch markers. There is a lovely card of sunset over Mt. Rainer. The beautiful yarn is Urban GypZ One of a Kind fiberart by Stacey Budge, in  Autumn Leaf. Under the yarn is a Giotto mock cable and ladder-lace sock pattern that is lovely. Last, but not least,  there are Hershey chocolate sticks filled with caramel. Thanks KSKS buddy!

Yummy yarn in autumnal colors!

My Opal socks made themselves at home in my new fishie bag.


4 thoughts on “KSKS loot!

  1. I happened across your blog and saw the sock yarn. I am tickled that it found a home with such an avid sock knitter. I grew up in Huntsville(my folks are still there). I love that it found it’s way to my home state. And I am so jealous of your beautiful tomatoes. I have not had a good crop since I moved to Asheville.

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