Next Sock Planned

Well, I know y’all have been just been waiting with bated breath to find out what my next sock project would be. I think I will tackle Waterlily, by Sivia Harding, since I got a new toy today. A bead spinner (the plastic budget model.)  It looks nice and looks as it will do the job. Of course, I can envision beads flying all over the place. We found beads in the rugs and sofa cushions for years after my first beaded sock attempt. Anyway, first I have to wind the yarn, then get the beads on. I even have the yarn in the pattern photo.

No, I have not finished the toe on the second Trekking sock. It might get to trek to the Honda dealer on Friday — it is 40-odd miles. Oooh, that means I will be near the brand new Target.

Oh yeah, I have also cast on for my third or fourth try at CeCe. I have had the pattern since Katie posted about it. Why can’t I "get" the lace pattern that is theoretically so easy for other knitters to do?)  This incarnation is in red Cathay from Debbie Bliss. I have not reached the dreaded lace yet, one row of ribbing left…


4 thoughts on “Next Sock Planned

  1. Hmmm…don’t know what a bead spinner is, but I plan to look it up–you know, the librarian in me. 🙂 I just made a get-ready-for-camp Target run last night. LOVE Tar-jhay.
    Have fun!

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