Deja Vu All Over Again

Look at this photo from last year’s blog. I had deja vu all over again when I saw the photo in the  Yarn Harlot’s blog yesterday. Doesn’t that yarn resemble the Opal of my Pomatomus socks?

Anyway, I have survived the first row of CeCe, festooned with almost every stitch marker I own that will fit on a size 7 needle between lace repeats. That is the only way I can see where the repeats are until I can see the pattern better.  Maybe I need a lifeline. I have dental floss and a tire guage in my knitting bag. Things fall in, and never come out. The floss I understand…

Hmmm. I ordered Fat Cat sock blockers from Chappy’s (Chappywoman) Ebay store for photo shoots.

First, here is CeCe. Wish me luck!

Blocking the purple Plum Shrug at last. Hope the edges behave now.


3 thoughts on “Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Okay, you KNOW my brain stuttered over “Chappy’s Ebay store” . . . gosh, I didn’t even know he had stuff to sell!
    Or . . . did you mean some other Chappy? (grin)

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