Try, Try Again

I would have posted last night, and had a progress photo of my Waterlily sock. My Internet connection sometimes acts wonky. I am thinking the modem got enough of a surge to make it act funny, but not to fry it. I have an Internet connection, but can’t send e-mail or connect to Google or Typepad. So photos later.

I would have gotten more knitting done on CeCe, but it took me an hour to get one purl row done, as I innocently pulled the center end out of a ball of yarn, and it wrapped itself around the other end many, many times. How do they do that? DH laughed, though he has held many ends of yarn before in de-tangling efforts. Also, I had some arm and hand pain from all the work I did on Waterlily and CeCe on the weekend, and had to take Sunday off from knitting. Cotton yarn does that to me. It still hurts up my arm when I do things like pick up my Rubbermaid sock yarn container with one arm, LOL.

ForecastFox is showing that flaming thermometer again. The heat index will be 105. I need to pick tomatoes. When I wait for dusk, for a little cooler temps, the bugs come out and bite me. Sigh…

I was surprised last night to see the crescent moon. Monday night we seemed to have several interesting patrons in, and I thought the moon was full. 

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