A Little Progress

First, I can work on CeCe again, since my arm doesn’t hurt anymore. I am still relying on the "training wheels" of all my stitch markers to see where the repeats are. I just left them in. It seems to be less stressful for me.

Ah, zee French bread from zee bread machine aftair zee DH cut eet for dinnair. The dough is from the machine, then I shaped it into baguettes. This is a 2-pound recipe after the 1.5 pound recipe disappeared too fast.

Last in the things that drive me crazy category–tangled skeins. This is the aftermath of a swift collapse when I went to wind this lovely yarn that was hand Kool-Aid dyed by my Secret Pal 7, Jess, who is buying yarn these days. Dear SP, in case you wondered why I hadn’t used my yarn… Sometimes, I am just in the detangling mood. This process only took from 10 pm to 2 am. I need to go to sleep now. Before photo by DH, copyright 2006. In case you were curious, that’s my "free" t-shirt from Slots A Fun in Vegas.

And the after, detangled, shot


7 thoughts on “A Little Progress

  1. I left the stitch markers in as well, until I started the raglan decreases. Might as well simplify as much as possible! Once you know the pattern, it’s not hard to figure out where you are though. The hardest time I had was with row 6, but not so much with CeCe #2.
    It’s looking great, by the way!

  2. Out of all those pictures – gimme the bread! Wonder if my bread machine still works? It’s on top of the fridge (island of misfit kitchen gadgets).

  3. D’oh! Detangling is awful. Somehow I always get anything sportweight or lighter in an awful tangle. My husband usually steps in after about 15 minutes of swearing. Now if he’d only make that swift he’s been promising…
    Enjoy the yarn (or send it to time out for a bit, if it needs it)!

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