Miscellaneous Stuff

First, I have a new obssession. Have you seen the Rally’s/Checker’s Rap Cat ads? DH and I have been laughing  (and I have
meowing, much to DH’s chagrin) about this one. Youtube has a video. It’s at the very end, I have been fast forwarding it. Why yes, I am easily amused. We also like the Geico commercial with Little Richard. Oh yeah, it’s there too.

In knitting news, I have worked on my shrug. I even found a pattern that I can follow, as I was feeling rather lost, making it up as I went along. Sunkist Cardi. I subscribed to this blog’s feed because I liked her photography, and her patterns are cute. Here is what I have so far. The yarn is Nite Rainbow silk/merino from Over the Rainbow on Ebay.

I keep messing up on Diamond Fantasy Scarf, so here is the third attempt in Fearless Fibers Wisteria merino .I think it’s time for a lifeline. That’s why there is dental floss in my knitting bag. (The tire gauge is still in there, too.)

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4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Stuff

  1. Your shrug is coming along so fine, and I agree, the pattern of the Sunkist Cardi is perfect to help you along, it’s so beautiful! I also love your progress on the shawl – now with the lifeline it’ll be going along really smoothly! Great work!

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