New Socks

Well, I couldn’t stand not having more than on sock to work on, so I cast on the other day for Rainbow Ripples, from Linda Dziubala. I happened to have the Opal Element, and there was a post-it note on the skein to remind me of the pattern. I had already started DH’s Trekking 100 sock. 80 st turned out to be too large, so I started over with 76. Making him socks is OK, as he has skinny ankles, so there is no problem til I hit the size 13 foot with a high arch!


I finished one sleeve of the Midnite Rainbow shrug, then took out the ribbing in solid purple. I didn’t like that, it was worsted and the yarn is lighter than worsted. I ordered some Highland Silk from Elann for edging, in Twilight Blue solid. I am really afraid I am going to run out of the varigated yarn.

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2 thoughts on “New Socks

  1. I love the Rainbow Ripples pattern for self-striping yarn. Trying to remember how many times I’ve used it. At least three, and I hardly ever knit the same sock pattern twice.

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