Weighty Issues

Well, I went back to Weight Watchers at lunch today. I have been counting points and consciously trying to get some more exercise for the last two weeks. After getting weighed at the doctor’s office, I was not happy about being my pre-WW weight. When I get to my goal weight, I intend to have my first-ever pedicure. I am even thinking about entering the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Birmingham. Both my sisters have had breast cancer, and one had surgery today. I saved a copy of the, um, prosthesis pattern from Knitty in case it’s needed. She said she’ll let me know. I have a mammogram yearly. Go to The Breast Cancer Site and click to help provide funding for mammograms for those in need. They also have a neat store.

I ripped out the Rainbow Ripples sock last night, but I am almost back to the point in the photo in last post.  I had the brilliant idea to use a 2.75mm needle. The 60 stitches were too small, and the fabric looked bad. I switched to a 2.5mm needle, and added 2 st to the side of each pattern repeat. Much better!

Still plugging away on the shrug sleeves, as the yarn amount dwindles.  I was mentally measuring the length of sleeves on my WW leader’s shrug today.

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7 thoughts on “Weighty Issues

  1. Good for you, and what a great goal too!
    (I need to get motivated to do the same. Lost a lot of weight on WW several years back, but sadly have gained a lot back.)

  2. Good job on the weight loss!
    I made the prothesis pattern from Knitty and it turned out great. I haven’t found anyone who needs it though. If your sister needs it (God forbid) and it works for her, she can have it.

  3. A pedicure is a great goal reward! They’re heavenly (I have only had one).
    I lost about 25 lbs on WW about 4 years ago (and then promptly got pregnant, but that’s another story). My goal reward was a fancy new pair of Bolle sunglasses. I still have them and they still remind me of what I achieved!

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