A Little More Sock(s)

And a little less of me. Yesterday,  I was feeling down because I was feeling like one of the few knit bloggers that have not actually seen the Yarn Harlot in person. Sigh…guess I should have driven that SIX HOURS to Memphis. Then, I decided that DFS had to go. I just didn’t like the yarn, thought it was too heavy, plus I messed up again. I ripped out the 50 rows I had. Then it rained all afternoon, so I did not go for a walk. Oh yeah! I also missed out on Scout’s Indie Swag Club, sigh.

To console myself, I started another sock with the autumnal yarn from my Knit Sock Kit Swap pal, Sheryl. The neat thing is this yarn from Stacey Budge/Urban Gypz came, via Washington State, to within three hours of the city where she came from in Alabama. Anyway, the colorway called for a leafy design. As I have done Falling Leaves (cuff down) and Cascading Leaves, I decided on Yukon Leaves. ( I am tired of linking.) I have finished one repeat. I can kinda see the leaves now… DH’s socks still fit, and I finished the gusset on Rainbow Ripples.


I got my package from KnitPicks today, and have Red Pepper Swish for Red Scarf Project 2007, and my magnetic chart holder for Forest Canopy Shoukler Shawl. (Thanks a lot Brenda!) I am trying Susan’s beginner friendly pattern. Just have to wait til I get the Mountain Colors yarn I ordered.


9 thoughts on “A Little More Sock(s)

  1. That’s a great colored sock! I hope you feel better; I think Stephanie will be promoting her 4th book when it comes out– perhaps you could contact her publicist and see what it takes to get her to visit a bit closer?

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