Mitten One Underway

Well, I have actually made progress on a mitten. This is the Advica mitten from Mission Falls. I gave up my other mitten. I just couldn’t work on it anymore. Boy, I wonder what other people did with all the ends?


3 thoughts on “Mitten One Underway

  1. For 2 days I have been thinking “what the heck is an advica” mitten! haha! That is how far in the recesses of my mind THAT project is!
    As I neared completion with the first mitten, I did not care for the length of it. I know that I could shorten it. Easy, but then all that knitting is wasted. So, it sits. But. It must be finished. Thanks for bringing it to the front of my memory! šŸ™‚
    Love yours. Ends are a small price to pay for such beauty!

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