Trekking Along

Well, I am kinda bummed that DH’s Trekking 100 socks are so much more colorful than mine. I am just about to the fun part–a size 13 foot with a high arch. There’s a long road ahead.

I have been shopping on eBay again. I fell in love with this Sarah James entrelac vest pattern and thought I could use it with some yarn I have. I also ordered some Kureyon that I want to use with some denim blue yarn. This photo was taken with my new toy, a Nikon Coolpix L4, a teeny little digital camera. Gee, it has a bright flash. The idea is I can keep the Coolpix in my purse or knitting bag, leaving the Kodak at home for DH. Thank goodness it uses the same software the D50 does. I don’t need any more learning curves.



In other news, the pineapple is either blooming or growing a new fruit. My Master Gardener classes did not prepare me for this.

OK, since I am a member of the Purling Puppy Web ring, some pups. Junior is the black Lab/Chow whatever and Trellis is his littermate. They both have purple Chow tongues. DH is standing out of the frame asking, "Who wants a bone-bone?"



7 thoughts on “Trekking Along

  1. Aw, nice woofy pictures! (I’m a sucker for a cute, furry face, you know.)
    And, how weird is it that when I checked your blog earlier the new “button” was just a big picture of the sock?

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