Red Scarf Continues, Gratuitous Puppy Shots

Redscarf2Today, I joined the Fall Cable KAL 2006. So I thought that I would show my progress on my Irish Hiking Scarf. I still have a couple or three feet to go. I am enjoying this pattern. I am comtemplating attempting cables without a cable needle. though I have been doing cables the same way for 20 years or so. This is KnitPicks Swish superwash wool in Red Pepper. It is nice and soft yarn, for wool.
I am also thinking of doing the cabled cardigan on the cover of Knit Simple, though in Mission Falls 1824 Wool in dnim blue because that it what is in the stash.

OK, just for all both of my blog readers, I have been out following puppies around all over the yard, being jumped up on, and suffering needle-like teeth on the back of my heel to bring you pictures of Sis, Honey’s littermate who looks more like a beagle than a golden/lab retriever. This is the only time she sat still. They kept bringing me different sticks than the ones I threw. I also have a sibling shot. They are 10 weeks and weigh 14 pounds each.




8 thoughts on “Red Scarf Continues, Gratuitous Puppy Shots

  1. Oh wow, how different they look, except their faces. They both have those same sweet eyes!
    Your right she definitely looks like she has beagle in her. but those ears, those are labrador ears!
    so, so cute!
    Oh and nice scarf too.

  2. You know, puppies in a litter can have different dads….it’s just a possibility there.
    I need to get started on one of my Christmas box scarves that will be cabled. Maybe I should join up too?

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