Socktoberfest FO

Here is a better photo of my Hot Flash Booby Socks, finished in time for Socktoberfest. (Click for larger image. Man, it seems as if the month flew by. Here is my photo assistant, Honey. "Hole? What hole in the flowerbed?"

A Little Blue Sky

There is a little blue sky showing above this maple tree on the Jacksonville State University campus. Most of the leaves are still green, but the tree has some glorious reds and golds showing. I finished dead last in the Gamecock  Gallop 5K, but picked up orange traffic cones and learned to tell sugar maples… Continue reading A Little Blue Sky


I have worked on cables today and yesterday since I finished the socks. Irish Hiking scarf, Twist and Cozy in Cables. I had an e-mail conversation with Laura of Sugar Bunny Boulevard, about a plant in a photo on her blog she wanted to identify. My mother always called it gallberry, said it was poisonous… Continue reading Miscellany