Stuff, Including Some Knitting

I sent off my Hot Socks Swap package to far away…what we call LA, or Lower Alabama. See it on Laura’s blog. My Hot Socks Swap pal was from the same state. That is wild. Anyway, I keep forgetting, but I will also get a package. I also got a Secret Pal this week. Now I have an excuse to shop for knitting related stuff. Not a whole lot of knitting up in here. I am on the toe of the Hot Flash sock, yay! I started Marguerite’s Cozy in Cables Sweater for CIC. I plan to make a Cotton Chenille cap for my sister, who reports that her hair will fall out in a week or so. Thanks to my constant research on mitosis for Biology 101 around here, I can tell her why it will fall out, and that it will come back.

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